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JD100 Series Catalog

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Gleason® Conductor Bar Systems

All of our Conductor Bar Systems are designed for the transmission of mobile electric power. These modular power bar systems are made with sections roll formed from galvanized steel or electrolytic copper. They are amply sized and proportioned to carry the specified current without overheating.


JD100 Series Catalog

Series Catalog

NEW! JD100 Series is a safe, compact design that is easy to assemble. Single enclosure "H" conductor is suitable for overhead cranes and hoists. This model goes up to 110 amps continuous duty rating.

JDC and JDCII start at 150 amps and go up to 2400 amps. These Conductor Bar Systems are practical and designed to be compact and easy to assemble. They are aluminum "H" shape insulated conductor rail. Download our catalog for more information.


A safe, stable and economical choice. The DW Series is especially suitable for a curved track electic hoist. It offers a small profile for compact installations. This series is recommended for a short power supply distance, low working efficiency and a favorbale environment.


The DHG Series offers a convenient, flexible combination for electric hoist maintenance stations and similar applications. This series is recommended for environments with termperatures lower than 185°F (85°C).


PowerBar™ Conductor Bar Systems

PowerBar Systems contain internal joint connections which assure full current carrying capacity without interfering with the free travel of the sliding collector contact shoes. The standard insulating cover has a maximum temperature rating of 73°C (163°F). Higher temperature insulation is available for a maximum temperature rating of 137°C (280°F).

PowerBar Systems come complete with Conductor Joint Pins, Insulating Covers, Support Brackets, Hangers, and Collectors. We manufacture these conductor bar systems on site, which enables us to stock the individual components and sell them separately, as well as a variety of conductor bar accessories.


The INVERTED V-BAR systems offer superior collector tracking capability over the time proven Universal 8-BAR systems. The greater collector tracking performance of the Inverted V-Bar systems is created by the "V" shaped contact surface. The contact surface design forces the composite metal contact shoes to be guided only by the metal conductor bar, instead of the insulating cover.

Inverted V-bar systems are recommended for side entry of the collector contact shoes (lateral collector mounting), and do not require the use of counter balanced or spring-balanced collectors.


UNIVERSAL 8-BAR conductor bar systems have been designed for the transmission of electrical power. Universal 8-Bar systems are recommended to be mounted for bottom entry (vertical mount) of the collector contact shoes.

Universal 8-Bar systems may be used interchangeably with other 1" bottom entry 8-bar systems. Gleason supplies a full line of standard conductor bar system components including: support brackets, power feeds, expansion and isolation assembles, collector pick-up shoes, end covers, joint covers, transfer caps and collector pick-up guides. Custom components are available upon request.


COLLECTOR assemblies are offered in either single or double shoe designs, providing continuous current carrying capacity of 40 amperes to 200 amperes. (Note: current ratings are based on ambient temperature of 30 degrees C.) The contact shoes are upheld by an insulated spring-loaded body and arm mechanism. All collectors are supplied with copper/graphite contacts for speeds up to 900 feet per minute. For faster travel speeds, consult the factory.

Installation and Engineering Information

Typical 3 Phase System
Important information about System Installation: We do not recommend use of lateral Mount (side entry) Conductor Bar systems for outdoor application. We recommend the use of a canopy installed above the conductor Bar system to protect it from the outside elements.

Download the installation manual for additional information or consult factory.