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Engineered Products Group
Cable Reels

The following products represent the Gleason Reel - Engineered Products Group: Cable Reels. Product literature in .PDF format can be downloaded by clicking the link below the desired product description.
Gleason Series "S" Spring-Driven Electric Cable Reels
Series S Electric Cable Reels Gleason Series "S" Spring-Driven Electric Cable Reels are designed to be mounted on moving machinery. Electric current flows from your power source to the current consumer through the cable you specify. S-Reels utilize self-contained slip ring assemblies which transfer current to the cable mounted on the rotating spool. Models for 2 to 36 conductors, 30' to 120' for lift, drag and stretch applications (200' for retrieve applications)
Series S Cable Reel Catalog Series S Cable Reel Catalog

Gleason Series "SM" Extra-Heavy Duty Electric Cable Reels
Series SM Electric Cable Reel Series SM reels are specially designed for steel mill and magnet service. The heavy 3/8" steel plate L-shaped frame and 1/4" thick steel spool disks provide added strength. Oversized regreasable bearings on both sides of the load-bearing spool are standard. All models are gear drive. The heavy-duty collector assembly, rated at 35, 75, 125 or 200 amps, 600vAC or 550vDC features polished copper rings for maximum dependability. Models for 2 to 36 conductors, cable from 30' to 200' depending on application. Also used on crane magnets.
Series SM Cable Reel Catalog Series SM Cable Reel Catalog

Gleason Series "MMD" Mill Duty Electric Cable Reels
Series MMD Electic Cable Reel Built tough to provide dependable Mill Duty service under adverse conditions. Specially designed to operate reliably and safely, MMD reels feature "beefed-up" all steel construction, oversized bearings on both sides of the load bearing spool, and a heavy duty shaft. Four spool diameters, a wide variety of drum diameters and either direct or geared drive allow maximum flexibility in specifying the right reel for your application. Models for 2 to 36 conductors, cable length from 30' to 200'. May also be used for crane magnet applications.
Series MMD Cable Reel Catalog Series MMD Cable Reel Catalog

Gleason Series "SHO" & "TMR" Retrieve Type Electrical Cable Reels
Series SHO/TMR Cable Reel SHO/TMR Series Reels are designed to provide a low cost solution for long electrical cable horizontal retrieve applications. A horizontal retrieve application is when the reel is mounted on the moving equipment and winds or pays-out cable into a tray or other support. In the SHO series reels, winding torque is provided by one or more parallel design spring motors. The TMR Series Reels utilize a small toque motor/gear reducer to drive the spool. Both SHO and TMR Series Reels are available with either random wrap or monospiral wrap spools. Gleason SHO/TMR reels have retrieve capacities of 350 feet of electric cable at a velocity of 150 ft./min and acceleration of 1.0ft./sec/sec.
Series SHO/TMR Cable Reel Catalog Series SHO/TMR Cable Reel Catalog
These compact, rugged Gleason SHO-101A reels have gained much favor with the scrap handling industry and manufacturers of magnet handling cranes. Designed to fit within the crane boom, it is the answer to magnet cable handling problems. Constructed entirely of steel with a powerful long-life main spring. Precision ball bearings are used throughout. Heavy cross section slip rings and copper-graphite brushes ensure electrical contact. Collector assembly rating - 2 pole, 75 amp, 600 volts.
Series SHO-101A Cable Reel Catalog Series SHO-101A Special Magnet Reel Brochure

Gleason Cable-Master Reels
Cable Master Reels Gleason Cable-Master Reels give you more for your money because they are ruggedly built and their design has been refined over many years of field use. They have either fully automatic or ratchet controlled spring rewind and contain all the features found in any reel in this size range. Standard features include: cable guide with four rollers, ratchet lock and 600 volt slip ring. Available for 3 to 12 conductors, 20' to 70' long cables.
Series CM Cable Reel Catalog Series CM Cable Reel Catalog

Gleason Series "SZ" Hazardous Duty Reels
Series SZ Hazardous Duty Reels "SZ" Hazardous Duty Cable Reels have all the features of an "S" Reel plus an extra heavy slip ring enclosure and pre-wired/pre-potted junction box. Designed for use in Class I (groups C & D) and Class II (groups E, F & G, division 1 & 2) hazardous environments, the direct or gear spring drive reels are available with 16" to 32" diameter spools. The pre-wired and pre-potted NEMA 7-9 junction box saves time during installation because the electrical connections are made in the box, not directly on the slip ring. Slip rings are available for four to 36 circuits, 35 to 200 amp.
Series SZ Cable Reel Catalog Series SZ Hazardous Duty Cable Reel Catalog

Gleason Motor-Driven Pendant Station Reels
Pendant Station Reels Automatically raise and lower push-button stations for floor controlled cranes and hoists. Wind and store up to 120' of cable. Average retrieval speed - 135 fpm (40.5 mpm). Reversible 1800 RPM, 230-460 VAC drive motor. Electro-magnetic brake holds cable in place when motor is de-energized. Capacities from 2-36 conductor cables, No. 16 through No. 10 AWG wire size.

Pendant Reel Catalog Pendant Reel Catalog

Pendant Reel Catalog MRW Reeling Systems Catalog

Gleason Series "WB" Cable Reels without Slip Rings
Series WB Cable Reels Series "WB" Cable Reels are continuous contact reels designed for applications such as communication where any impedance must be avoided. Because WB-Reels use one continuous length of cable, there is no break from current source to consumer and that means complete preservation of transmission integrity. This transmission integrity makes WB reels ideal for use with fiber optic cable. Models available for 30' to 120' of cable.
Series WB Cable Reel Catalog Series WB Cable Reel Catalog

Gleason Vari-Matic Drive Reels
Varimatic drive cable reels

The Gleason VARI-MATIC drive provides a reliable solution to the challenge of retrieving and unwinding long lengths of valuable cable at the demanding cycle rates of today's advanced machinery. Vari-Matic Reels are available with level-wind or monospiral spools.

Level Wind reels provide best management of long cables and have demonstrated through years of use to be the safest and most reliable way to handle long lengths of large cable. By winding a single layer of cable horizontally on a generous drum diameter, the cable experiences minimum flexing and is exposed to maximum cooling, should that be a concern. Equipment speeds can be slow, moderate or high with equally good performance.

Monospiral reels provide best low reel mounting and are designed to stack cable in a single, multiple layer vertical configuration. They are the solution to applications involving large cables where lateral space may be limited. This narrow spool design, together with proven VARI-MATIC drive reliability, makes monospiral reels ideal for service in any demanding environment. Monospiral reels are available for low, medium or high speed requirements. The monospiral design allows the reel itself to act as a cable guide.

Vari-Matic Cable Reel Catalog Vari-Matic Drive Cable Reel Catalog

Pendant Reel Catalog MRW Reeling Systems Catalog

Gleason Welding Cable Reels
Weldiing Cable Reels Gleason welding reels store up to 85' of arc welding cable. No more time wasting hand coiling, or hazardous tangled and jumbled piles of cable. Cable easily unreels...ratchet lock keeps it extended when in use. To rewind, just tug the cable to release the ratchet (like a window shade) and walk the rod holder or clamp back to the reel. Custom designed machined brass collector provides positive circuit through reel to cable. Lead from welder to reel is easily installed and held securely in place. Reels are available with or without cable.
Welding Cable Reel Catalog

Gleason Emergency Vehicle Cable and Hose Management
Emergency Vehicle Cable/Hose Reels When seconds count, rely on Gleason Cable-Master Reels. When the call comes in, emergency vehicles must be ready to roll, get to the scene and spring into action. Cable-Master reels mounted overhead at station provide "off-duty" power to vehicles. Hose-Master reels keep air brakes charged. Both can be equipped with sockets which automatically disconnect when the engine starts. Truck mounted reels provide quick cable deployment at the scene and can hold up to 90' of cable.
Emergency Vehicle Catalog

Gleason Low Profile Level Wind Reels
Level-Wind Cable reels Direct replacement for existing low profile reels with up to 100' of cable. Ideal for magnet and hook/rotate crane applications. Feature easily adjusted, externally mounted need to remove cable from spool or disassemble reel to adjust or replace drive springs. Available with 35, 75, 125 or 200 amp collector.
Low Profile Level-Wind Reel Catalog

Gleason Cable Guide Assemblies
Level-Wind Cable reels

Cable Guides for changes of direction. When designing a cable guiding system allow sufficient distance between any direction changes. The recommended distance should be a minimum of 20X the cable OD and even longer for speeds greater than 300 fpm. Implementing this design will extend cable life by giving the cable's "memory" an opportunity to shed torsion before making another change in direction.

The radiused roller guide consists of muliple rollers mounted in a housing designed for uni-directional or bi-directional cable payout and retrieval. The individual rollers move independently of one another reducing torsion build-up in the cable.

Cable Guide Assembly Bulletin
NOTE: Additional cable reels are sold through the Gleason Reel Pre-Engineered Products Group. To view these reels, click here.
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