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Engineered Products Group
Hose Reels

The following products represent the Gleason Reel - Engineered Products: Hose Reels. Product literature in .PDF format can be downloaded by clicking the link below the desired product description.
Gleason Series "U" Hose Reels
Series U Hose Reels The Gleason Series U Hose Reel provides ultimate flexibility...larger diameter and/or wider spools, single or dual spring motors, chain drive where needed. In addition, the modular U-Reel design allows us to provide a custom hose reel for your application at the cost of an off-the-shelf unit. The rugged Series U Hose Reel, featuring a heavy frame with spool supported on dual over-sized bearings, can easily handle air, water or hydraulic hoses up to 1.5"I.D. The Series U Hose Reel is rated at 300 psi per standard hose and hose fittings but high pressure applications to 10,000 psi are possible with proper hardware.
Series U Hose Reel Information Series U Hose Reel catalog

Gleason Series "K" Hose Reels
Series K Hose Reels Gleason Series K Hose Reels are ideal for hydraulic hose control on boom cranes, hoists, tree cutters, lifts or any moving hydraulic equipment. They can also be used for other liquids or air. Whether machines push-pull, extend-retract, turn, tip, clamp hold or dump, Gleason series K all-steel spring driven dual hose reels speed operation and improve handling and safety. Series K Hose Reels handle up to 80 ft. of 1/4" I.D. dual hose with 3000 psi full-flow pressure throughout the reel. Maximum 3/4" I.D. hose.
Series K Hose Reel Information Series K Hose Reel catalog

Gleason Series "Hose Master" Hose Reels
Hose Master Hose Reels The Gleason Hose-Master hose reel is the most rugged single hose, general purpose hose reel of its size in the industry. We created it with the most demanding hose reeling applications in mind, hand pull or machine mounted. Oversized bearings and a heavy duty, one piece main shaft (also available in stainless steel) give Hose-Master hose reels superior mechanical strength. Roller Guide is standard. The reliable ratchet and dog allows quick and easy changeover from window shade-type action to continuous tension. Handles up to 70 ft. of 3/8" I.D. hose. Maximum hose diameter is 1/2" I.D. Reel is rated at 300 psi per standard hose and hose fittings. The Hose Master hose reel is capable of higher pressures with proper hardware.
Hose Master Hose Reel Information Hose Master Hose Reel catalog (click for choices)

Gleason Series "J" Hose Reels
Series J Hose Reels The Series J Hose Reel is typically applied to the most demanding industrial application. May be used for air or liquid. Easily handles hose up to 2" (51mm) O.D. Normally machine mounted, it may also be used in hand pull applications. Constructed of heavy gauge steel with industrial grade fittings, Series J Hose Reels are rated at 300 psi (20.7 bar) per standard hose and hose fittings. Hose Reels designed for pressures up to 2000 psi (137.9 bar) are also available.
Series J Hose Reel Information Series J Hose Reel catalog

Gleason Series "UH" Dual Hose Oxy/Acetylene Reels
Series H Hose Reels Rugged, dependable and trouble free, these hose reels are designed for general shop use. They can be mounted wherever most convenient; on carts, walls, poles, or ceilings. They offer safety, easy mobility and maximum efficiency. A slight tug on the hoses releases the ratchet and the hoses are automatically retrieved onto the Series UH hose reel where they are out of the way, off the floor, and safe from accidental damage. Hose Reels models available for 60' or 100' long hoses.

Gleason Series "R-35" Hose Reels
Series R-35 Hose Reels Spring Operated Dual Hose Reels for Hydraulic Pressures up to 2000 PSI. New seal design and kink-free hose entrance. Available in models with nine or 17 foot hose capacities for left or right hand installation. Extra rugged and compact for hydraulic lift truck service. These hose reels are made of all steel construction.
Series R-35 Hose Reel Information R-35 hose reel catalog

Gleason R-45 Hose Reels
Series R-45 Hose Reels Spring-Operated Quad Hose Reels for Hydraulic Lift Trucks. Gleason's unique four port design improves operator visibility, increases hose reel efficiency and provides substantial cost savings. The R45 Series spring operated quad hose reels provide design simplicity and compactness, installation and replacement ease, and dependable, long service life. These rugged hose reels are available with capacities to 17 feet of #4 hose and for pressures up to 2000 PSI.
Sereis R-45 Hose Reel Information R-45 hose reel catalog

Gleason Hand And Power Driven Hose Reels
Hand and Power Driven Hose Reels Hose Reels available in rim rewind, direct or geared crank rewind or with air or electric motor drives. This broad line of hose reels solves a range of applications.
Hand and Power Driven Hose Reel Information Hand & Power Driven Hose Reels bulletin
NOTE: Additional hose reels are available. To learn more, click here.
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