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Hubbell Workplace Solutions
Tool Balancers

Hubbell Tool Balancers

Tool Balancers


Tool Balancers



The economical choice for balancing tools weighing up to 5 lbs(2.3kg). This is a rugged ABS plastic light duty tool suspension device. These balancers have a load capacity range of 0.5-lbs to 5-lbs. The balancer is hung from overhead structure by a swiveling hook and a tool is hooked to the balancer's cable end suspended over your workstation area. The balancer can be adjusted to make the tool seem near weightless when you pull the tool down to your task and, when the tool is not in use, you lift it up for storage or stand-by mode, thereby reducing repetitive motion injuries or issues. The balancer also protects the tool from damage as it is hanging up above out of the way of accidentally being knocked off the work surface onto the floor. These balancers do not have a ratchet lock but can be adjusted to allow the tool to be 'balanced' at a desired distance (within a range) without drifting up or down. The cable travel of these balancers is 6 feet.


 - BG SERIES: This is a fabricated steel heavier duty tool suspension device. These balancers have a load capacity range of 3-lbs to 27-lbs. Its function is quite similar to the above BD Series. These balancers are hung from overhead structure by a shackle hook and are available with a rigid mount bracket for wall or bench mounting. The BG series is available with a ratchet lock where the tool can be stopped in various locations within the working range of the cable travel. A slight 'tug' on the cable releases the lock to allow the tool to be positioned at a different location (similar to a window shade). Units with a ratchet lock are called 'retractors'. The ratchet lock can be disengaged if desired. The cable travel of these balancers is 8-feet.

  - TQ SERIES: These reels are outwardly identical to the BG series in that they are a fabricated steel unit of the same physical size. In addition to the weightlessness feature it is typically used as a lifting assist and/or hanging storage type of mechanism (example; control pendant). These reels have a much longer cable travel (15-ft.) and a gentler spring force. The load capacity ranges from 3-lbs to 15-lbs. These too are available in shackle or rigid mount and with or without a ratchet lock.


This is a cast aluminum heavier duty tool suspension device. These balancers have a load capacity range of 1.1-lbs to 308-lbs. These balancers' function is again similar to the above BD and BG series in regards to the weightlessness feature. In addition, these balancers have a tapered drum which makes it a 'true balancer' as its spring force can be adjusted to position the tool anywhere within the whole range of the cable travel. The heavier capacity models have stop pins that prevent the tool from falling in the event of spring failure. The cable travel of these balancers is typically 4-1/2-feet. Replacement kits for Series BH Balancers are available. See catalog for details.


The BA Series Air Hose Tool Balancer is designed for small pneumatic tools. Integrating the air hose and support cable together keeps the work area safe and clean. These durable tool balancers provide easy handling for operators and assemblers that work with tools for long, continuous hours. The balancer allows a tool to be positioned over the work station for comfortable operation and can be used with small air tools. The effortless handling of the balancer provides comfortable tool operation and increased production.

Tool Balancer Information Tool Balancer Information



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