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Hubbell Workplace Solutions
Booms & Jibs

The following products represent the Hubbell Workplace Solutions Boom & Jib product lines. Product literature in .PDF format can be downloaded by clicking the link below the desired product description.
Hubbell Bench or Floor Mounted Jibs
Bench or Floor Mounted Jibs

Jib kits feature standard booms mounted on vertical columns. Jib Kits are available in either fixed or swing designs. The boom may be adjusted higher or lower on the column to suit your specific application. Vertical columns are typically 4 ft.(1.2m) for bench mounting and 7 ft.(2.1m) for mounting on the floor. If floor mounted, the optional support clamp is recommended.

FLOOR MOUNTED, 50 lb.–300 lb. CAPACITY, 6'–18' BOOMS
Jib Kits feature heavy duty I-beam booms or C-rail booms. Vertical columns include pre-drilled, gusseted mounting bases. 50 lb. capacity kits are available with either fixed or swing booms up to 18'(5.4m) long. Columns available to 9'(2.7m) high. Booms may be mounted higher or lower on the column to suit your specific application. 150 lb. capacity kits have swing booms up to 10'(3m) long. Columns are 10'(3m) high. Booms on 150 lb. and 300 lb. capacity jibs are mounted to top of column with tapered bearing and heavy-duty rollers allowing full 360 degree swing. Vertical columns for 50 lb. capacity jibs also available separately.

Bench or Floor Mounted Jib Information Bench/Floor Mounted Jib Information and Components

Hubbell Ceiling Mounted Jibs
Ceiling Mounted Jibs

Hanging a tool rail or jib from an overhead structure may be the best way to put a workstation where it’s needed. These kits free floor space and allow for greater plant layout flexibility. Jibs have steel WS50 booms in length shown. Hanger kits are designed only for use with aluminum WA50 rail. Rail is not included. All are rated at 50 lb capacity. Booms attach to columns with U-bolts. Vertical columns for jibs include a heavy duty 3 ft.(0.9m) safety chain at the top and safety plate at the bottom to prevent boom from sliding off. Rail hangers include safety straps.

Ceiling Mounted Jib Information Ceiling Mounted Jib Information

Hubbell Booms and Mounting Bases
Booms and Mountig Bases


Tool, Wall or Column mounted boomsand mounting bases. Standard Duty for loads to 30 lbs or Heavy Duty for loads to 50 lbs. Beige polyester finish.

Booms and Mounting Base Information Booms and Mounting Bases Information


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