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Hubbell Workplace Solutions
Idea Sheets

Hubbell Workplace Solutions workstations are so flexible that they can be used to solve almost any manufacturing application problem. So how can you use them?

One answer to this question is the Idea Sheet. Each one shows you a new, better or different way to use Hubbell Workplace Solutions products. Some of these ideas came from our engineers trying to solve a customer's problem. Others came from our customers showing us new ways to use existing products or components. Wherever they came from, they are all unique and interesting. Each Idea Sheet shows you a step by step "how to do it" procedure or a complete new kit that is now available but not yet catalogued.

File No. Title Download File
  Download Full Catalog Idea.pdf
950612 No Kit to Fit? So Make One. For Example... 950612.pdf
950613 Torq-Arm Makes Blind Riveting Easier 950613.pdf
950614 Rivet Tool and Torq-Arm Workstation Kit 950614.pdf
950831 Torq-Arm for Trolley Mounting 950831.pdf
950906 Attaching Peg Board to Workstations 950906.pdf
951116 Here's Versatility - Bench, Conveyor Support & Shelves 951116.pdf
951222 Aluminum Track to the Rescue! 951222.pdf
960404 Overhead Tool Crane Solves Many Problems 960404.pdf
960530 Universal Base "Pocket" Workstation Mount 960530.pdf
960710 Welding Festoon Track to Beams 960710.pdf
960715 Heavy Duty Continuous Tool Rail Using Aluminum Track 960715.pdf
960926 Beam Clamps - Mount tool Rails to I-Beams without Drilling or Welding 960926.pdf
961004 Twin Rail Assembly Line Workstation 961004.pdf
961022 Jibs With Balancers Could Be The Answer 961022.pdf
970109 360 Degree Swivel Base Has Flexible Conduit Lead for Reel 970109.pdf
970113 Traveling Boom - Add reach, Flexibility to Workstation 970113.pdf
970123 Power Up - And Put Some Light on the Subject 970123.pdf
970227 Tool Rail Above Wire Harness Board 970227.pdf
970911 Tray Puts the Mice To Work 970911.pdf
970912 Mounts Align Reels with Work 970912.pdf
971125 Here's A New Look - See-Thru, Modular Bin Rack 971125.pdf
971212 Heavy Duty Overhead Tool Crane 971212.pdf
971213 Heavy Duty Continuous Tool Rail Offer Four Way Adjustment 971213.pdf
980429 Mobile Wire Spool Cart 980429.pdf
980430 Adjustable Foot Rest 980430.pdf
980501 Push'n Place Workstation 980501.pdf
980504 300 lb. Capacity Swing Jib 980504.pdf
980801 Air Lines for Workstations 980801.pdf
980807 Quick Jibs with WS50-MB 980807.pdf
980817 Neat and Tidy 36" Bench Back 980817.pdf
981211 Shelf Fits Any Upright Spacing 981211.pdf
990115 Keyed Reel Mounting Plate 990115.pdf
990505 Heavy-duty Tool Rail Hanger 990505.pdf
990507 Bright New Light 990507.pdf
990707 Test Bed Cart 990707.pdf
990805 Place'n Pick Parts Cart 990805.pdf
991119 “Shock Stop” To The Rescue Prevents Cable Damage on "Over-Powered" Balancers 991119.pdf
991120 Bench Top Bridge 991120.pdf
030716 Dual Booms allow Jib to do Double Duty 030716.pdf
030731 Portable gantry crane straddles assembly area 030731.pdf
030925 Keep large air or electric tools suspended overhead 030925.pdf
051021 Put balancer over work area 051021.pdf
051022 Qualtech™ Document Stands - Access Important Documents 051022.pdf
051023 Manage Multiple Cables - Keep All Tools Out of Harm's Way with Jibs and Festoons 051023.pdf


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